Hello Everyone!! Yesterday was my 16th birthday and I am so grateful for everything I accomplished in my short 15 years and I cannot wait to make the next year the best. But because I think it is wonderful to set goals here are a few I hope accomplish while I’m 16 years old.

Getting My Drivers License

I avoided for the longest time but its time to get my permit and my license so I can finally get it out of the way and go off campus during lunch. Oh! And of course for the joy of driving and not having to ask my mom to take me everywhere.

Get Another Job

Everything I do when it comes to my YouTube channel and my blog I view as a job even though I don’t get paid for either. It just takes up so much if my time and I love doing it and that’s the real representation of a job. Doing something you love. But it would be nice to get another job to educate me further in the field that I want to go to while also having a little extra money in my pocket to invest in StylishRanter

Apply To Colleges

I’m in my Junior year of high school and after this week I will be in my second semester and that means applying to college. I just want to start as soon as possible.

Become A Nicer Person

This is so clisha but I really want to become a nicer person and say yes more. Their are so many opportunities that come my way and are shut down because of fear. So saying yes more I feel like would help me be more exposed to good things.


I don’t mean flying to England or Dubai but at least exploring where I live would be great. I’m literally in a place where most people will kill to live and I need to explore more and be more grateful.

Take A Road Trip

It would be so much fun to explore all of Cali with my friends! I road trip is the one thing I ALWAYS  wanted to do so why not accomplish it now when I’m 16?

Start A Business

I always wanted to start a business and I want to start now so I can learn the ropes and make mistakes. I would rather make mistakes that will cost me money now then make mistakes that will cost me money when Im older and moved out of my parents house.

Be In A Flash Mob

I was in a flash mob earlier this year and it was so embarrassing because I didn’t know the routine  but I am making it my mission to be in another one and actually not embarrass myself

Learn The Guitar

I tried learning the guitar two times in my life and I actually ended up learning Wonderwall by Oasis but then in the middle of tuning my guitar my string broke.

Save Money

Its so hard to save money as a teenager. Teens are constantly in the middle of I should start saving now and then whats the point of saving if I don’t have to move out for another while?

Do An Internship

I find it so fascinating to work for someone you inspire or for someone who is on the same route as you and can save the mistakes everyone is bound to make through their career path

Learn French

French is such a beautiful language and I always wanted to learn it but I wasn’t aloud to learn in in high school ;(

Make New Freinds

Nothing is wrong with the friends I have now but it would be so nice to make new friends with common career paths, overall people I don’t have that much in common with, but were not so opposite we wont learn something from one another

Read More

I used to read so much when I was younger and now the only reason why I read is for homework and in class books

Drink More Water and Have A Bed Time

I hate the word bedtime but honestly going to bed one day at 4pm and then the next at 3am can not be healthy for me. Then with the water, my water intake has been horrible!

Revamp my closet

I feel like I need to find clothes that help my shape more and stick to colors that compliment me


Whether that be my bible or school work and maybe just what I believe in, studying is never a bad thing.








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And I’m sure you WILL achieve those goals. I know what it’s like to set them, cause I did the same this year.