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Im not the one to follow Fashion Trends all the time, I honestly hate it. But when I saw the ones above I went crazy because they are so cute and minimalist. The whole minimal style really catches my eye all the sudden and its the reason why I’m defiantly rearranging my wardrobe very soon.

High Waist Jeans
For the longest time I wanted to invest in high waist jeans but I can’t find any that are mad out of the right material and that actually go to my ankles #Tall people problems
Draped Over Coat
All of the coats similar to this look so comfortable and stylish. If your looking for accent pieces that will go with anything I defiantly recommend buying one
Halter Top
Halter tops are the one of articles of clothing that can be worn and styled in the most simplistic way and everyone would think that you spent the longest time putting your outfit together. If that isn’t a reason to invest in one then I don’t know what is
Boyfriend Jeans
I of course have a pair of boyfriend jeans that I wore in a outfit of the day, but I feel like a lighter ripped pair would be so adorable!!
Timberland are the most hardcore shoes with so much history behind them. It would be so crazy to own a pair of my own
Sweater Dress
Mainly because Arianna Grande slays Sweater Dresses, but I find these so adorable and cute!!
Ballet Flats
Ive always had a things for flats. Ballet flats with the cross strings on them make my heart drop.
Yeezy Boost and Nikes
I have no idea why but I never admired sneakers more than these two brands. They have been in my top three since I first saw them.
I hope you liked this post!! Dont forget to check out yesterdays post and tune in tomorrow for another!!

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