For some reason in my life I always set goals to ( maybe sometime) accomplish. The feeling of accomplish something I put time in effort in comforts me. I also just find it a wonderful way to track progress and see improvement. There are so many things I want to accomplish with blogging but the great thing is, I don’t have a deadline. With things like blogging their is always room for blogging which excites me so much. Because who doesn’t like improving?

Writing and Communication

Ive always loved writing and reading. Everyday at the most random times I would find myself writing something in my computer or short little poems in a notebook. Now that I look back on it it’s funny how I took writing everyday in some random journal about nothing, and most likely losing it, I now just write to you guys lol.

Even though I’m not perfect and I still use way to many commas, ” hahaha” and ” lol” in my post everyday is a chance to improve. Writing something everyday that I know a whole bunch of people will see actually helps me. Most writers are too robotic in their writing and with blogging you realize how to write like a normal person and to express emotion over text. So in conclusion mastering this is differently on my list.

How you talk eventually leads to how you write. So maybe if I manage to write more ‘logically’ and include words I don’t really use in my daily vocabulary it can help.

Being obsessed with photography is honestly not one of the things I saw myself doing everyday. Pictures are amazing and as everyone knows you can say so much with just a single snap. But being a blogger, photography is included in every post especially if you do fashion post like me. It even went as far as buying a camera, having photo shoots, and even releasing a magazine coming soon!  Its so amazing to actually form new hobbies to improve on just from creating a blog.


Then theirs something that I love to do, even unconsciously, which is inspiring others. Finding inspiration from literally anywhere isn’t hard. I realized this when I put my phone down and actually looked up for a chance. The world is so beautiful around us and looking at everything from an open mind can easily get anyone inspired

So if I can get inspired from a snail waking slowly across the sidewalk, Im pretty sure someone can get inspired from my blog lol

Fashion sense


Anyone would think that a fashion blogger would be set and stone with her fashion style but I can’t seem to put a finger on what I want.

But that is okay.

Sometimes I want to wear a bright pink dress with the cutest sparkly heels while the next hour being dressed in all black with killer shoes would be prime. Developing my set and stone fashion sense would be great because I wont get tired of all the outfits I create, after a day of creating them.


I have commitment issues. That is why I give myself a pat on the back for each day that passes by and I don’t quit my blog. For some reason getting bored with things is such a default in my life. Hopefully this blog and the whole ” StylishRanter” movement will teach me to continue projects I create and not give up.

So yes that means as far as I know “StylishRanter” is forever


Even though my parents are wonderful people. I hate the fact that they didn’t take any pictures of me as a child ( well at least put them in safe keeping). So that’s why I mention and just totally obsessed with documenting my life at the moment.

Not Failing

With many thing I know I will fail but doing so, and staying down when fallen is my biggest fear. The mind is a powerful thing and even though I know now Im saying I will get back up when I fail what if I fail 1,002 times and I just stay down. Failing is my biggest fear and i hope I accomplish doing the opposite of so

1 million viewers and subscribers

I will in no way get obsessed with numbers but it will be so nice to have a lot of people that I have helped in some shape or form.

Not caring what other people think

This might sound weird but a model that I follow on social media said that she is so used to hearing ‘no’ it doesn’t effect her anymore. I honestly feel like that would e the greatest relief and barrier to cross because at that exact moment you will not be held back.

getting to know myself

This is a challenge so many face every single day. It would just be such a great thing to sit back and realize that you are the very few set of people who know themselves truely inside and out.


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I think this is such a good idea! I am new blogger myself (although posting daily) and think it’s really important to have a list of goals. Not statistic goals as I think then you’re writing for the wrong reasons but goals such as develop writing skills or learn to commit to something. I love your blog an find you so inspiring!