The whole Minimilist look is very popular at the moment. So popular and eye catchimg that I’m finally think I found my style. Yes it is Lowkey suprising seeing that I hate trends but hopefully you can see how I plan to take this style to a new level and make it not as mainstream as it is now.

Nudish Colors

To start of any specific clothing style their are a few key points your going to have to follow one of them being keeping it light and simple with Nude Colors. Nude colors are very thing to this style, that means black, white, tan, brown and everything else I missed. The color scheme below is the one I plan to follow though.

Even though their not completely all nude colors that’s how I will plan to hopefully stand out

This next one is a little bit weird I’ll admit but stripes will help to. White on black stripes will be nice and even black on white.

Simple Shoes

For the shoes they have to stay classy and simple. It’s nice to have shoes that aren’t black or white but don’t make them pop so much. But if all false stick to black or white shoes.

Deniem and Leather

Deniem will help a lot. With this whole minamilistic style. Things like denied or leather will help keep everything clean and put together. And since the two are simplistic they will literally go with any of it you choose.


Last but not least acessories are always a must have. I would suggest investing in a gold, black, or white watch because they won’t ruin your outfit

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I love that you are doing your own take on Minimalist fashion!


Love the outfits! Gorgeous as always 🙂