For a while now I’ve been all over soundcloud attempting to find new artist that I can follow and listen to their music. Not because I want to be so hipster ( hopefully you sense my sarcasm). But I am so tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. And trust me I tried listening to throwback music for a while but It starts to get old.

Soundcloud is the only answer


My school is filled with so many talented artist and people and I cannot believe I haven’t heard of them until recently. Zonashi is an artist that goes to my school and has some of the best beats I ever heard of. His music is so chill and something that you can both vibe out to but blast in your car to hear the bass rumble. Insturmental but will have you still singing along the beats unconsciously make you move your head to the beat.

I cannot get over how wonderful his music is and I really hope you guys check his music. But beware because most of his music has explicit words.

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