Desperate times call for desperate measures. A personal situation was called onto me this week and I sadly wasn’t able to grab onto my makeup. So I had to quickly make my way to TJ Max to grab clothes and makeup. Even thought it was a cheap buy for makeup coming to a total of 5 dollars just for the materials Im about to show you. And I decided that others may get in this situation of either forgetting or losing their makeup and might want a few options to quickly grab at their nearest store

In the box came not only the eye shadow pallet, mascara, and eye liner which I thought was truly fantastic especially at such a cheap price. The packaging was really horrible but the exterior of the makeup was surprisingly nice. The case the eye shadow came in was really neat and not so surprisingly came with the song applicator which is really bad. If your going to apply this eye shadow your better off appliying it with your finger and not the applicator. In a way it sucks up the products and doesn’t allow the product to get on it.


Honestly I really wish the companies who make this really affordable makeup pallets also attempt to put in a brush that can actually work. But honestly really cheap brushes like Real Technic, Elf and morphie brushes, then their are a lot of replica Beauty Blenders that all turn out better. Everything that I just listed I have yet to try but I heard such good things about them, I really want to purchase them too.


But anyway, when applied to my eye lids the eye shadow did not appear as it should. The colors are wonderful but they did not act as so when applied, maybe it’s because of my skin color but I honestly don’t know.

Overall I rate the eye shadow pallet a 3.5/10 because the pallet just wasn’t for me but I can see myself using it if I mix it with a few of my other eyeshadows.









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