Every Blogger has had those days where they sit in confusion wondering what they should post next. Being a Fashion Blogger I find it good to switch up what I post so that I don’t just have Outfit Of The Days for you guys all the time. And plus, I feel like as a blogger no matter what you do, its good to share lifestyle tips and let your readers into your life a little bit. Even if its just a small little glimpse 😉

So here are 20 Blog Post Ideas that I really hope you guys like or at least one of them sparked an idea of what you should talk about.


  1. Whats In My Bag
  2. Makeup Routine
  3. Vlog
  4. Makeup Review
  5. My Favorite Shoes
  6. Instagram Recap
  7. Morning/Night Routine
  8. What I eat In A Day
  9. Fitness Routine
  10. Five Healthy Lunch Ideas
  11. Current Obsessions whether that be: Tv Shows, Books, Bloggers, or Youtuber’s
  12. Your Tips and Tricks for either Beauty or Fashion
  13. Tell The Craziest Thing That Happened To You This Week
  14. Whats On Your iPhone
  15. Your Favorite Apps
  16. Whats on Your Smartphone
  17. Life Advice ( Bullying, Confidence, School, Work, etc)
  18. What Do You Plan On Accomplishing This Year….Month.. Week…… As a blogger?
  19. ____ Blog Post Ideas 😉
  20. Why I Hate _______

I hope you guys love this post and hopefully I have helped at least one of you!! If you haven’t already, check out yesterdays makeup review.



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Sarah M

Hi! I just came across your blog through twitter and I’m glad what I found here. Such a nice, simple but super helpful tip for me. Thanks! Oh, and btw, I hope you can come and check out my blog too and see if there’s anything I must improve. Please let me know. 🙂 looking forward to collaborating with you some time.

Stewart Harding

Great blog my friend 🙂


Thank you!