As the day goes by I find myself reading and trying to get into other bloggers..blogs. I know that is so weird  a blogger who doesn’t read other blogs but honestly, I just didn’t or at least I rarely did. But now I enjoy learning from other bloggers, taking notes from their post, making friends, and constantly having inspiration. There are just so many blogs that need love and affection it would be a waste and disgrace as a blogger to not explore other blogs. Reading other blog can overall jus be the biggest learning experience whether its adding something on that you think you should do, or even stop doing something you thought was cool but saw it on another blog and it bugged you.

Fashion Toast


Ive never heard of Fashion Toast but trust me I have seen her face everywhere. She is so pretty, her wing is on point, fashion taste… don’t even get me started. Everything about this girl is perfect and goals on top of goals. Her face is all over tumblr, twitter, and instagram, usually surrounded with words like hashtag #goals and most of the time #lifegoals which is undeniably true. Her blog is minimalist but her photos are top notch professional. Honestly everyone could take notes from her. Even her name is tumblr            ” Rumi Neely”



Her blog tips are amazing and I just cannot get my hand on what makes me lover her blog layout so much lol. Also, I find it so amazing that she manages to post every single day like how?! Please teach me your ways.




I love Nichole, not only because she is a very loyal reader but her blog post are amazing. She is so nice and even did a tutorial on how to high light because I was beyond clueless lol. Everyone should defiantly check her out.

Song Of Style


I admit. I don’t really read her blog as much as I should. But her youtube, snapchat, and instagram just amazes anyone who comes across it. I love her geeky cute personality and I honestly feel like she is one of my friends it I honest. She just has one of those personality that draws you in.

Girl With A Banjo


This girl inspires me so much!! It was so weird because I finished reading one blog post and I was inspired to take pictures, do a blog post and even found new ideas I can incorporate into StylishRanter. Her layout is just so clean and nice and her blog post are just so raw!

To top everything off I just discovered her blog a week ago! Now that’s talent.


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Aww thank you so much! Love your blog too so inspirational! Keep up the good work xx