I never had sushi before, well at least not the type of sushi that actually has fish in it. Bare with me, I’ve wanted to try it for the longest time but I honestly just keep getting scared by it. Something in my head always told me that I just wouldn’t like sushi, and I guess I was right.

When I first put it in my mouth it was really good don’t get me wrong, but once you start chewing it for a while it get worst and worst. I honestly want to like sushi so badly but I just… don’t ahahah. I guess I just like the idea of it instead of what it actually taste like, its weird. But I will say that “shrimp sushi”, if thats how you say it taste really good, so I guess if I end up getting it again it will get the shrimp sushi lol.

This is honestly so weird but the colors are sooo pretty hahaha. So overall I don’t think sushi is for me, but if I do get it it will either be shrimp or crab.

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