Everyone wants to live in California, but me… I love the scenary but I want something more like New York, but without going to New York. And I found it, but in the last place I would search for… San Diego. Everything is so beautiful and busy. Even though their aren’t taxi cabs the people who have the ability to cycle people around on a bike with a carage attached is truely amazing. Just imagine the leg muscle that takes.


And don’t get me started on the buildings!! Their so tall and so old. People still have apartments on top of the restaurants and that’s just so fascinating to me. I just love San Diego.


The shore right next to the hotel we stayed at had such a wonderful view. Everyday our eyes immediately attached to the people walking the boarder or sailing the waves that crashed softly against the shore. Or even the birds that threatened to touch the water with their beaks. Everything was always so breath taking. And the food was delicious too. We went to Hard Rock cafe because I was craving a burger so bad and they fulfilled my need.
Overall I think San Diego is the best place in LA.


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