large.jpgIsn’t it crazy that march is already here! In a literal three months it will be summer, for those in school and for the juniors out their, three more months until your a senior. Even though I am excited I am scared to death that it is already March. So while I sit here in fear that I’m going to be forced to grow up, I came up with a couple of fun things to do!

1.  Cleaning!!

Some may disagree with me but March is spring time. The weather isn’t as gloomy and your starting to notice the bright beautiful nature that you didn’t notice before. So the is the perfect time to start cleaning, and if you haven’t already, put away all of the christmas decorations, scents, and food.

2. Working Out

Even though I can be a hypocrite now is the time to start working out and eating healthier. Once I finally figure out a steady workout routine I will defiantly show you guys ( so fingers crossed that I get my situation  lazyiness under control.

3. Get Organized

Yet again, this is something I’m a totally hypocrite about but getting organized is something too. It’s never too late to start planning your trips for the summer, getting concert tickets, and even a road trip. If you buy and plan everything now, you will avoid the increase in prices later on! Also if your a blogger it would be nice to start planning cute fun summer post so you can be ahead of others!


4. Actually Celebrate Saint Patricks Day

This one was so weird but honestly, who celebrates Saint Patricks Day? Literally besides pinching your friends because they didn’t wear green or anything along those lines, no one celebrates this day ( if you do please comment). But I think it would be cool for everyone to actually celebrate it by doing something.

5. Collaborate With More Bloggers

While I read other blogs, one of the first things I learn about the person is that they have a lot of blogger friends, and I honestly want that so badly, it would be so cool to have an online friend who shares the same interest.

6. Finally Learn “Makeup”

Okay I will admit, I don’t really know that much about makeup. The weird this is, I can probably walk someone thought putting on makeup but then when it comes to myself Im like…


7. Get a Job

Honestly, Im only 16. And as much as I would like to say that blogging is my job, its not and I would love to finally get a job so I can save up and not only invest but have money in my wallet that’s not my parents’. 


8. Continue A Hobby

For me this hobby is blogging and my youtube channel. I feel like I talk about it a lot but I seriously love writing and making videos just to see the finished product and I really hope I continue it. Everyone knows that they have the ability to determine their own fate but honestly things like obstacles exist and they can take over something that you love doing. And thats my situation most of the time when it comes to my hobbies. And I really hope for the rest of the month I can get that under control.

9. Write Everyday

Lately I’ve been thinking about just writing regardless of what it is every day. Whether that’s random little post on my blog that will never be published or little poems that I can make films out of. Just the idea of creating something from my most random thoughts and feelings again interest me and I can’t wait!


10. Go Out More

Honestly, everyday that your not going out and exploring the world is a day wasted. Their is so much to cover in such little time, and I’m not saying go out tomorrow and go to Thailand ( although that would be cool) I’m simply just saying, don’t spend everyday cooped up, or too lazy to hang out with friends.

11. Make someones Day

I don’t know what it is but the world is becoming more negative and negative as the hours pass. Whether it’s a large increase in people having low self esteem or people sending hate to others. But honestly everyday I feel like people should compliment at least five people on something and hopefully it can have the pay it forward effect.



I hope you guys loved this post!!




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YES! I have been exercising more regularly and it’s really improved my mood, energy, and sleep!