Hello Everyone! Long time no see and I’m really happy to be back and blogging.

If you have been with StylushRanter for a while you know that my eye brows are, to say the least non existent. So I have no choice but to draw them on as well as I possibly can.
So because I have to do my eyebrows everytime I film videos or do a blog post and everytime I leave the house I run out pretty quickly. So while I was at the store I decided to pick up this really cheap kit and honestly I’m pretty impressed.

It came not only with a pencil that has a sharpener on it but also a powder promade, stencils and a small angle brush that’s actually nice.

I’ve had this kit for two months now because I wanted to make sure I got a full honest review from it and at this moment I give it a nine out of ten, which is pretty amazing.






Contains multilple appliances to do brows

Last all day and looks better the longer you have them on

Good for oily skin

Good for beginners

Has a sharpener attached to pencil cap

Really easy to apply heavily

Little to no break outs due to product


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