Hey guys!!! Let’s be honest, my first makeup routine was horrible  and hopefully this one is slightly better.

So to start off my makeup routine I have to do my eye brows because they are so non existent that it’s not even funny and before I can see what aim doing those need to be filled in.

Does anyone feel my pain?

I of course use my Max Studio eye brow kit because I absolutely love it because it gets the job done. You can check out my updated brow routine here.

Then because I love to keep my makeup light I just go straight into high lighting and applying my eye makeup which only includes the max studio eyeshadow (check out this post here) Mac eye liner, and max studio mascara.

And because I’m actually pleased with the forever 21 lipstick, (and I’m sorry for all the blog post info but) their will be a review soon.

So in then end the products used are

• max studio (mascara, eye brow pencil, eye brow powder, and eyeshadow)

• Mac liquid eye liner and Mac eye liner pencil

• forever 21 lipstick




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