Hey guys! So if you have been looking at my recent ootds like this one and this one you know that I am in love with these shoes!

I just got them so their officially a new member of the family, but hopefully tht won’t wear me out. ( technically hopefully I don’t wear them out šŸ˜¬)

Are They Comfrable?

Sadly no. Expecially after a while of wearing them. Their not that hey I work say about three inches but after wearing them from 7am to 4pm my heels start to hurt.


These shoes are available at Macy’s and they were $76


These shoes get dirty so quickly! I don’t know how but they seriously do. And the sole on the inside of the shoe came off on my right shoe and I don’t know how that happened. And it’s the first shoe of mine that happened to šŸ˜Ŗ

So overall despite the negatives I still love these shoes because they can go with literally ANYTHING. And they can really change an outfit

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Super cute! I am in need of booties ad those are amazingly cute.