Hello Everyone!! 

Unless you have two closets filled top to bottom with clothes you are bound to repeat an outfit. And even though your favourite shirt ONLY looks good with a certain pair of jeans, it would be fun to switch it up right? 

Well in this post I’m going to teach you how to easily and effortlessly style something as hard as a T- Shirt dress easier and better. 

With things like dresses it’s so hard to switch up the way you wear them because it’s a dress, it’s one piece but I found a way around it. 

If available start of with knee high socks. The easiest way to add a little something to your outfit, expecially since we’re in the weather of cold in the morning and very hot in the afternoon


All you have to do is add a belt of your choice, for this dress I added a brown belt I’be had for the longest time and simply just tied it around my waist. In this quick action it made the dress look ten times better!


Then we can’t forget abou the acessories, even though their small they have the tendency to really make or break an outfit. So don’t be shy or forget to add on a cute necklace, ring or bracelet!!

And of course we can’t forget about hats!!! 

I hope you guys really like this post!! If you have any more ideas or tips don’t forget to comment them down below!!




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