As you know from so many of my blog post about makeup and my current makeup haul. I am very knew to this makeup thing. 

So for beginners and people who are more experienced in a sense, I’m going to show you guys How I Contour. So feel free to give me any tips if I’m doing something wrong   

    1. So to start off I use the smaller crayon from City Color Collection to Countour my nose and the bigger one for my cheeks


2. For my nose I draw two small lines on either side leading from the corner of my eye right under my eye brow to the tip of my nose. Then to blend it Inuse my ring finger to make sure I do not over blend

3. Then on my cheeks I use the bigger crayon and I make sure to curve my cheek bones then further draw it out creation a far too open c in a way. Then I use the face brush from Danielle cosmetics to blend it! 


Before and after Nose




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