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Hello everyone!! Long time no see but here I am with a boreal lipstick review!! So last week I had a dance concert and of course I had to wear red lipstick. Most people with darker complications hate red lipstick for so many reasons. Some never show up right, wash out their face and or fail to compliment their wonderful skin tone.


So here I am reviewing this Loreal Matte Lipgloss for you guys so you know what o and what not to buy!

This gloss retails at 7.99 at target and for its price it is actually pretty nice. The first thing I think of when I see or hear about matte lip glosses is Kylie Jenner’s lipstick so that totally gave me high expeditions, but the funny thing is that this lipstick was pretty close to meting them.

 I found when wearing this lipstick that it had a slight orange undertone, but that being sad it looks really good if you pair it with another lipstick ( not gloss). And as for the matte look that it promised, that is barely there. But overall I would give this gloss a 7 out of ten mainly because It wasn’t really matte. It was weird because it was almost their but not quite, ya know?

This gloss fails to dry out your lips which is perfect and I love how easy it is to apply even though it has a heart-shaped applicator. I hope you guys liked this post!! And don’t forget to check out my YouTube video that does with it and if you tried this lip gloss don’t forget to leave a comment!






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