This weekend Vicotria secret had the best sale I could have ever imagined in my whole entire life. If you bought two bras you can get a free perfume, a perfume and lotion for ten dollars ( instead of 24), all sports wear 50 percent off, and so many others I can’t even remember. And of course sense it was mothers day I had to take advatange. So while my mom and I bought stuff for the mothers in our family and my mom didn’t shy away from self loathing either, we packed some really good deals.

The under wear I bought was this really cute cheat print lace with a neon band that is honestly so cute, but I shortly realized Ill only be able to wear at home because I don’t want to risk having plumbers crack and having everyone see my underwear.


Then I got these really wonderful smelling perfumes and one of them, the perfume tease reminds me so much of Cateir’s dragon I had to pick it up ( especially since I got it free with the deal). Then the perform and lotion  I received for ten dollars all together and it is Victoria Secrets new collection called temptation and let me tell you. This perform smells soo fruity and soft and just angelic ( no pun intended) but I know this will be my new favorite.


Then we have these two really cute bandos that have a  cross in the back, that I cannot wait to wear! The brown one has the cutest detail/ straps on the front while the black one has a type of tribe or tribal print on the front.
I hope you guys really like this haul, that was not sponsored what so ever! And if I were you I would check out your nearest Victoria secret because this sale isn’t for long.

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Great haul! Love VS!!