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Flannels have taken over the world and they are not going anywhere. They can fit any style at almost anyplace and almost anytime. But with so many ways to style them, how does Raven style them? I answer your question today

With Dresses.

Honestly flannels are so cute with t shirt dresses and they honestly piece the dress together. With dresses your limited and that can be a good or bad thing, depending how you see it. But if your ever bored just throw a flannel around your waist and voila, good and ready to go. You can see the full outfit details in this post here.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I honestly love pairing flannels with shorts, because it can add a pop of color and hide the fact that when some people sit down the back of their shorts poke out because their waist is smaller than their lower half.

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The Way it Should Be 

Then we have flannels worn the old og way, which is fitly on your shoulders opened or buttoned up. This one is personally my go to because I wear all black a lot and this makes me feel like I do not look completely goth, lol.



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