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6:00 Am

Waking up in the morning is honestly just the hardest thing for me to do now a days. Usually I used to be able to deal with the fact that my eyes were unwillingly opened and I have to suck it up and star my day, but recently I just haven’t been able to do it.

I would wake up shut my alarm off not only once but three times before I actually kick myself and the leg and say hey raven, your going to have to get up now.

And even at that point I roll over shut off my alarm, check my notifications then go on instagram just to scroll through my feed for 30 minutes, then do the same for twitter and if I’m feeling nice I wish my friends to have a good day and send them a good morning text because hey, that just the nice person I am.


Now this is the time where the real routine goes in. The first thing I do is brush my teeth because it takes my shower about 5 minutes just to not be ice cold and I may or may not have a horrible obsession with anything mint. While doing this I recently just changed to using the 3d whitening toothpaste because your girl drinks too much coffee.

Then, when my water is ready for me to hop into I use this Tone body wash because it apparently has coffee in it and it is the only body wash other than any victroria secret body wash known to man, that actually keeps one smelling like that product for a good two hours…. Amazing right?


( because it sadly takes me that long to shower and brush my teeth)
It is finally time to moisturize, my favorite part because I like to have soft skin. I use jargons because it is my favorite lotion because I love their scents, even though this one is unscented. Then I use this face moisturizer that I am just now trying out so in a couple of weeks expect a review about this product!


9:00 AM

This is about the time on the weekends ( or earlier) that I finally get to eat!! Because we all know how much I looooovvvee eating! Usually for breakfast I will have avocado on toast with eggs, oatmeal with honey and cinnamon, or french toast but only when I feel a little bit fancy.


Then for the rest of the day ( on weekends) I work on my blog and my youtube channel!!


I hope you guys really liked this post and I hope you can see my personality more in this post!! Then don’t forget to check out my youtube version of this here that you guys can see exclusively because it is not released on my channel yet. What is your morning routine/ ritual?










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