Hey guys!! So this by far has to be my best outfit of the day post not only because it is kind of like a conservative Coachella look lol, but it was so very fun to take pictures with ( and not because I was playing Kanye’s That Part).

This ootd features these oh so cute high waist Forever 21 shorts, because I am obsessed with both Forever 21 and high waist anything then this crop top is from Victoria Secret, while the cardigam I have no idea where it is from, but it is as cozy as it looks.


This crop top bralette thing, is honestly so cute because of the straps in the back then the tribal print that takes this piece one step closer! And of course it is a halter style so i love it even more!!

And for my readers I have a question? What do you think about me changing the name from StylishRanter to StyleRants? I’ve been debating a while about changing the name but wasn’t entirely sure!!

What do you think about changing the name of my blog, and do you have any other ideas? And do you like this ootd? 

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