Hello Everyone! For some crazy reason I am completely obsessed with what I eat in a day blog post and or videos. Maybe it’s because I’m a major foodie but lets not get that deep into how obsessed I am with food. It is honestly so crazy because I follow so many food accounts on instagram and I’m subscribed to five vegans/ vegetarians who post so many of this healthy eating post. But without further a due I hope you enjoy this post!!



In the morning I love to have oatmeal, and on the far equation oatmeal is not available, not only is it a sad day in my household but I’ll either eat scrambled eggs with green onion, too, tomatoes and cheese in them with a side of avocado toast, or I’lll just have cereal lol.

Snack Time!

I of course have to have some type of snack in between my meals and this time I settles on _______ popcorn. This was cheddar and caramel, which was surprisingly good.

Then for lunch I wanted to try tofo tacos so I made that which you can see the recipe for here

Snackies…. again

Not only did I grab a bowel of fruit but my mom decided to also get me Jamba Juice (something I crave all of the time). So basically for my snack I had loads and loads of fruit.




And lastly because I am spoiled beyond relief my madre made me salmon with steamed veggies and yellow rice and let me tell u, I was literally drooling when I saw it and almost forgot to take a pic for this post lol.

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That breakfast looks really yummy! That tofo taco looks bomb! But I don’t really like tofo though 🙁 Great post!