On Sunday I had the most wonderful chance to attend the Pham Expo in Pasadena and it was fun for everyone and every product involved except for my wallet. The Expo was filled with makeup, special guest like Durrani Napol, makeup lovers and even a few artist who walked around head to toe with makeup! It was every makeup lovers dream, think of it as a candy shop for little kids, simply magical.

Their were so many brands like La Girl, morphie, Gerald Cosmetics, China Glaz and so many more! Even though I am pretty sure we dipped into my college fund, it was totally worth it because of the great ten for ten deals, third of the cost makeup brushes and makeup and I can not forget the love tutorial shows that went on. Overall it was a wonderful experience that I feel like everyone should have a chance to go to.

The lines at first were pretty intimidating if I do say so myself but honestly, they flew by so fast and there was not a problem when it came to other people being rude or disrespectful. The only thing one should be worried about when coming to this event would defiantly be the price. Even though you received a necklace with a name tag, then a bracelet to wear the whole event, it cost 70 dollars for entrance and you were asked for your ID almost every time you went to check out.

Overall I really enjoyed myself and I hope I can go again in the next couple of months to stack up some more! Don’t forget to check out my haul tomorrow because I am completely obsessed with everything I received!


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It looks like a fun event! That palette is lovely <3

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