It has honestly been a while since I have done a makeup look on my blog, and honestly I love my morphie pallet so much please expect a LOT of looks in the near future. This look that I created include various dark shades but I would actually wear this on a nice warm summer night with my friends because it is no way casual.

The first color I used with this look is the warm brownish red shade and I applied this with my G24 brush in wield shield wiper motions, not being shy with how much product I use. Also my brush was as close as I possibly can to make sure I was seriously packing it on


Then by mixing two colors to add more to the brown and make the other shadow a tiny bit darker, the same motions and brush were paired with this product.


And finally the part that I new for sure scared me a bit the darkest color in this pallet was applied to the v of my eye ( the edge) and drawn slight inwards. And of course everyones favorite part except for mine, I was forced to blend to make sure the colors were too harsh and softly paired with eachother

The some what final process to this eye look was my favorite because of the way the eyeshadow just lit up. I sprayed my gerard cosmetics setting spray on my Danielle Creations Brush ( the same one I used to apply my black shade) and quickly dipped it in this pretty light purple shadow and tapped it on my eye in the middle.

Of course after the much blending was needed


Paired it with some lashes and vula, my perfect purple eye shadow look!!!





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Kelsey Dawn

What app do you use to place the hearts??

Kelsey Dawn

Same here! I feel a collaboration coming!


[…] the second color in the v of my eye at the very end to create a smokey eye effect like I did in this eye look . And the final step was to dab the golden shadow in the middle which did not require to be wet […]