So many people have a love hate relationship with Kanye West but honestly I kind of love and admire him a little. He speaks his mind even though no one understands him, then to top it off his style is so futuristic. Even though I don’t understand it sometimes he is always on to something with every project he realizes and the poems he rights.

So in the outfit he is wearing it heavily inspired me with the mix of neutral colors and the way his clothes hang on him self and of course the layering, that he does soon much


In my attempt I decided to grab my army sweater with the two draw strings in the middle and the hood that hangs loosely in the back, with my brown leather jacket that I truly adore. And of course I have to keep the bottom neutral and clean with my black fitted skinny jeans and the oh so adorable Jessica Simpson Booties.


Overall I adore the outfit because the simplicity that comes with it. The layers also give me life because its a unique way to wear your favorite pieces at the same time. In my opinion a non chalant color scheme is a major key in any outfit and I absolutely love this theme ( brown, black and army green). The only thing missing in this look would defiantly be some yeezy’s but I have yet to cop them *sigh*

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