Hello Everyone! A couple of days ago I went to my personal heaven and bought a couple of makeup items ( haul coming soon) and I could not help nor stop myself from wanting to try this nude lip gloss from L.A. colors.

What really draw me into this lipgloss was not only the price 1.99 but the fact that it was a nudish pink color and for women of color it can be pretty hard finding shades like this that will complement our skin tone. So I picked up this lipgloss knowing a challenge was fully ahead of me, but I would not take that much of a loss because it was literally two dollars.

When you first opening the lipstick the smell is exactly like shea butter and it immediately softness your lips. This I admittedly love and luckily unlike most lipsticks this one is not stick what so ever and guides along your lips softly.


Now lets talk about the pigmentation.The pigmentation mixed with my skin tones is surprisingly really good! I love it and its defiantly a color I would wear everyday. It is not out there and fits much like a baby pink, and what is really nice is how the gloss of the lipstick will defiantly hit wants you get into the light because most lip glosses won’t do that.


The only downside I can find to the lipstick is the actual brush because that is so important  when it comes to lip glosses! In my opinion lip glosses should have an angled brush so that one has the power to get a thin line if necessary around the line of their lip and in the corner, then power on as much on the bigger side of the lip, if that makes any sense.


Overal, my mission to find a lip gloss that  I can wear daily is finally accomplished. This doll face pink is defiantly a pick I feel like every one should look to pick up!


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