Taking good care of my skin has been something that I grew to be completely obsessed with when I made the horrible choice of getting bang, and my forehead completely broke out in acne. Ever since then I have learned to keep my hair out of my face and amp up my routine. If you have been a Ranter for a while you know about my old blog post here but I like to think I learned a few more tips, and found a couple of products to replace the diy ones. But other than that it has not changed much.

I have combination skin so everything I show you guys will work for everyone!

Step 1

The first thing I do, but only when I have makeup on is use makeup wipes ( about one or two) to wipe of the first couple of layers off of my face. I just find it ten times easier to wash my face and I feel ten times better knowing if anything I am over cleansing my face free of the products that I have



Step 2

This is where I go straight into washing my face and for this I use Dove because it is both moisturizing and does a wonderful job cleansing the skin without adding tightness like some face washes can do. If you have tried any other face centered cleansers some can notice once they stop using the product for a while your face can break out and Dove is one of the only products that do not do this.


Step 3

Exfoliating is the number one thing I feel like most people under estimate and I honestly have no reason why because it gets all of the makeup and dead skin out your pores. And why wouldn’t you want all of that out of your skin and be reward with soft baby skin waiting for you.


Step 4


And lastly everyone has to moisturize! I use the ponds moistiser two times a day ( after every time I wash my face). And I think it has made the dark acne spots on my cheeks  lighten up and as long as a reasonable amount is applied to your face, it is not too oily. And the main thing I love about it is the fact that I can use it under my makeup!


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