Hey Everyone! So todays blog post is going to be a collaboration with AllAboutAnita! Today we decided to do a glam look with a  bold lip color and I love the way both of ours turned our so much! So when you are done reading this post don’t forget to check out hers here.



So to start off I grabbed my ultra pallet and applied the pinkest shade onto my lid with my crease brush making sure to have a heavy hand in the cereal and go in windshield wiper motions further out of my eye.



Then I went in with my newest shade from mac all over my lid with my G17 brush that I just bought in this haul.


Finally to blend everything out I went in with my morphie pallet in the crease to create a shadow look and topped it off with my favorite beauty moment eye liner! And just like that the look is done!


I hope you guys liked this post! Don’t forget to check out Anitas because she is a fabulous makeup artist and seriously needs some recognition!

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