I am so tired of loging into social media and seeing nothing but death, and not because people are speaking up to what they think is right and bringing attention, of course not. Its because constantly I’m finding out an innocent person has yet died once again because ignorant officers think its their job to handle the law in a way they think is right based on their personal beliefs or anything on that line.

I have a question, for people who say that most of these cases are justified because they were resisting arrest and or the person shouldn’t have been doing said thing. Do you know how you sound right about now? Black people are not the only people who resist arrest, many people resist arrest everyday butĀ oh soĀ surprisingly (Ā hopefully you can sense my sarcasm) black people/ people of color are probably killed twice as much.


There is no reason why one race should be taught to be afraid of the police and proceed with caution while the other is taught to immediately go to the police if they have a problem with anything. People everyday need to put themselves in the place of the victim involved in these tragetics. How would you feel if one day as you kissed your mom or dad goodbye you find out an hour later that they were killed by the police. To make matters worse the murder that was involved isn’t getting jail time but a slap on the hand and told don’t do it again.

In my opinion, we are moving backwards in time. History is currently repeating itself and most of the world, most of our government continues to do nothing but sit back and ignore it. In this time just like how it was damn near 60 years ago Black people and some people of color are told to stop complaining about not being free just because we have half of our body chained down butĀ oh hey! our left arm is free!


Change will not happen until we talk about it. I was watching a video on twitter once and I try to put it in this post but this lady said if you like the way black people are treated in such a way that you want that for your self then please stand up. And no one stood

If people know the way people are being treated, lets forget race for a second, people just like you maybe even your sister or brother. Why would you want them to hurt just because you’re not the one getting hurt. Why aren’t you helping your brother or sister? At then end of the day I just find it crazy how innocent people are put in jail while MURDERES Ā that there is proof of them committing the murder are giving the harsh punishment of having to go day to day having the time of their life smiling with their family.

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