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For the longest time I wanted to do a whats in my bg post but in realty there is nothing but recipes, empty bags of m&m my wallet and perfume etc. And it basically is nothing interesting. So I thought it would be better to show you guys my dream purse and what I would like to have in it!

So my dream purse is the Givenchy Tote in the size medium and seeing that this purse is apparently 2,000 dollars on polypore I will keep dreaming….. It just seems so silky and professional looking and one day I would love to buy this bag myself. But seeing that I don’t work that much and I will be juggling school for the next 5+ years, this purse will have to wait.
Now in my opinion I feel as if everyone should have basic things like perfume, deodorant and lotion in their purse just in case something goes horrible and they need to reapply so I always have that in my purse. The current perfume I have no is from Victoria Secret and I have the lotion to match! And of course I constantly have deodorant in my bag and mine is from Dove!
Then for some reason I always have two lipsticks and a chapstick in my purse and I have no idea how they are constantly getting in their! But I always have a red lipstick, mine is from lorreal and another pink lip gloss which is doll face that I did a review on here and of course I keep chapstick to keep my lips soft and because they are really cheap.
And of course everyone finds bobby pins everywhere! So there are almost always bobby pins in my bag somewhere, then I find it very necessary to keep hair ties in my bag too just in case I have to throw it up or in case I forgot one on the way to dance class!
Finally I really need to purchase a notebook small enough to keep in my purse so I can stop writing so much in my notes app in my phone. A notebook and pen would also be handy if I want to brush up on my drawing skills. Although, I cannot believe I almost forgot the three most important things with is my phone, charger and headphones to block out people and to keep my key to life charged!
I really hope you guys liked this post and I would love to know everything you keep in your bag!

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