Everyone has those items in their closet that they should stop wearing, so much so that they are faded or slightly ripped but we just pull it off as “grunge”. And if your not guilty of this, please stop lying to yourself, it happens to the best of us. Today I will share mine, it will be everything from beat up converse to costume jewelry that I should have thrown away centuries ago.

First and foremost I defiantly have to start off with this shirt because if i didn’t I would be lying to myself and I am not a liar! I have worn this  shirt in a almost every blog post ever since I stared this website and I just can’t get enough of it! Im honestly still surprised I can wear it if I’m honest. I just find it to be so me because it is beyond girly, hugs me in all the right places, ITS FLORAL, and its a peplum top. Thats literally heaven in a  shirt right there!


The we have my jean jacket. The number one thing a  minimalist should start off with, and because I am slowly walking down that road I find myself picking it up more and more without hesitation. It keeps me minimalist with a touch of girly and I love it.


Literally everyone and their mom has a pair of busted up converse and heres mine. I have the white low tops that I actually prefer clean but this picture doesn’t show it, and my leather high tops that I am actually finding myself to shy away from but I can’t stop picking them up? If that sentence sounds confusing it is because it is, but if you understood that, me and you both need help.



Honestly, this one is a little bit wierd and even though I dont wear it  a lot in my blog post, I suddenly get attached to the hip in real life. This watch is honestly key to life but also the key to a simple wardrobe and I give my self points for that. But the problem is…. it doesn’t fit on me and I am waaaaaayyyy to lazy to get the links taken out to fit my dainty wrist. This blogger is beyond lazy.

And last for this blog post but not least for my inter existence I have this simple white tank that is beyond see through and 50 washes back from retirement. I wear this everyday not only because it is comftorable but I look good in white and I take that to my full advantage. I layer this tank, wear it by itself and I even have the nerve to wear it under sweatshirts knowing dang well it will not be seen all day. Honestly I do not understand the obsession but I hope I am not alone in this!


I hope you guys liked this blog post and if you did please jot down in the comments a couple of your closet obsessions because I would love to hear them!

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