Hello Everyone! So honestly I feel like I have learned a lot and for the first time I’m labeling that as a bad thing because it only enables and extends my laziness to a point that it should not exceed. But oh well, hopefully I will grow out of it one day lol. So today I am going to share my life hacks to also honor school starting up for some people! If you guys want, in the search bar just search the back to school series to see more blog post like this!


  1. Using Vaseline

Honestly using any oil based product can work but I feel like everyone has vaseline in my house and not only can it help with taking off your makeup but if you ever have those moment where your eyelash glue gets on your eyelash and your scared for life that your not going to have any eyelashes left ( I have experienced this way to many times), simply putting vaseline or oil on your eye lash will easily break away for the glue and lashes…. your welcome.

2. Flat Iron?

As you guys know I am sincerely lazy. But I hate having wrinkly clothes but I also dont feel like pulling out the ironing board every single day or if I want to change my shirt having to pull it out twice a day or possibly more. On medium heat simply run the iron through your shirt and your shirt is no longer wrinkly.

3. Perfume can take off my makeup?

I love this beauty tip because I seem to never have nail polish, so to not always walk around with chipped jank nails I will spray perfume on a cotton ball and it takes off my nail polish!

4. Switch out your products!

For the longest time I was actually using eye shadow for highlight and it works wonders but it has to be a glitter one! The one I use is from max studio and I did not like it as a eyeshadow but I love it as a highlight! Also you can switch out your liquid eye liner for mascara or your mascara for eye liner,but only if you have the right angle brush or the brush you use to apply eye liner.

5.    Feeling a bit stinky?

This seems to happen sometimes when I am at school and the days that I have dance I used to forget to bring deodorant or put it back in my purse so when this would happen I wipe the access sweat then you can either apply hand sanitizer, perfume and even soap. And this apparently works because it gets rid of the stinky bacteria or something form up under your arm pits

Okay so I hope you guys liked these tips! If you have anymore, or even if you tried these please let me know in my comments! Please follow me on my instagram and like my Facebook page! If you use the hashtag #StylishRanter I will feature you on my page!
















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