The year that seems to be the hardest social wise would defiantly be freshman year of high school. But its okay but I am here to give you the best of advice possible to make your life ten times easier. To make things a little bit easier I will divide each of these advice post into Social, Academic and preparing.



The best advice I can give anyone during the whole year of high school is to defiantly join a sport or team. This trick is very eye rolling to some, but if you are starting at a new school why not join a sport or club? If you think about it its a smart idea because your forced to hang out with the same 20 plus people for hours out of the time almost every single day. If you be your self you are bound to make some friends. Joining a sport is even a conversation for making friends outside of your sport like in class, or at other games. And if you care about it, most people who play sport become popular even because people will come up to asking for game times, how you played, what it is like and everything on those lines. And not only will joining a sport be good socially because of it being a conversation starter and such but it will look really good for college because you can be featured in the newspaper, or the school announcements which is a very big deal, but dont stress too much about it.

Then if spots aren’t your thing defiantly joining a club is another alternative. I also defiantly recommend starting a club if you can! Not only do clubs look really good for college but they can introduce something new in you life. And I defiantly make sure to join clubs every year just incase my friends and I get into an argument or something I have somewhere to go during those times to get my mind off of it.


Academically, high school is very important. This is the time to really stay on your a game because no one wants to go to summer school an contrary to what people believe, a lot of colleges look at the freshman year of high school, so dont try to use that to your advantage. And this is the time to start thinking about what  colleges you want to go to ( have about 5 in your head) so that way you can take the best classes that will look good on your transcripts. One also needs to do this so they can be in the beginning class of whatever class they need to take in the later years of high school. It can literally be compared to having to take Algebra before you take Geometry or Art 1 before you take Art 2. Hopefully I explained that well enough.

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