Hello Everyone! I don’t know about you but my hair is really important to me me more than ever during the summer time because it can really help you cool down and or make your temperature go waaaayy higher, but just because it is over 90 degrees outside doesn’t mean we have to stay with our hair in a ponytail!

The first hair style that I really love to do is the classic half up half down because it keeps all of my hair out of my face but also gives me the pleasure of wearing it down, so I get the best of both worlds. To make it extra cute I slick down my hair and make sure my pony tail is pretty high on my head.



And this style everyone and their mom has seen all over the internet and that is the classic corn rows/ French braids, not boxer braids! This hair style is honest really cruitial to have your baby hairs laid down which is not that hard because as disgusting as it sounds from how much I sweat they easily lay down, so… yeah. But as long as your baby hairs are laid down and no random strands are flying arounf this hair style will be cute and perfect! And to be honest I don’t know which hairstyle I wear the most, this one or the half up half down. Honestly if you have dyed hair that go into an ombre you are the luckiest person alive because this hairstyle looks bomb that way.




And lastly this further proves I don’t care what my hairstyle is when it reaches the bare minimal of 85, I will have it out of my face and if I could off of my neck. This is the classic halo braid but downgraded and I have been obsessed with it ever sense I saw Zoellas youtube video tutorial on it years ago. But this hairstyle you will need bobby pins, that no one ever has, but trust me it really is worth it to land this hairstyle. Even though your not getting your hair out of your neck, its out of your face and that all that matters because at the end of the day, no one has time for pimples, expecailly during the summer when no one wants to wear a lot of makeup and dread getting out of the bed.





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