Hey guys! For todays post to fit with the whole back to school scene is a bucket list for my fellow Seniors. if you didn’t know I absolutely love having list and bucket list so hopefully you guys enjoy this!

  1. Figure out what to do after High School

This is very important but defiantly something someone should not stress about. Some might want to know what to do after they graduate so they know what college to go to and what career they will be spending the rest of ones life in.

2. What to do during the summer

This may seem crazy but maybe it is just me because I love planning. Scheduling what to do after you graduate can do no harm because you are getting a foot ahead. Plan to either go on a road trip, have an internship, or go to concerts a couple of times out of the month

3. Go to prom

This one I am very scared but still excited for because its prom! You can spend all your time getting ready and you can party with your friends knowing you’re looking gorgeous and it’s just going to be a dreamy nice night!

4. Say thank you to teachers and get they’re contact

Out of all the horrible teachers you have in high school you have to encounter at least one that seriously changed your life or at least made you want to go to school! And if you have yet to encounter one yet, just give your senior year a go and I am pretty sure you will soon!

5. Take lots of pictures and put them into a scrapbook

Honestly in a world where everything is digital it would be nice to take the time to print all of your older pictures from freshman year and later and put them into a scrapbook to look back on. Or you can do booth and create a Facebook album or a private instagram to have all of these pictures!

6. Find something your passionate about

This is something that not only are you going to love to have during high school but outside as well. Finding your passion in what you love is great because you finally have something to strive for and work hard for that is outside of school! But like I have said before please do not stress yourself about this but also don’t go out of your way to be a lazy bone.

7. Ask someone out

My heart literally raced at the thought of this because I myself will challenge myself to do this, if I find someone who doesn’t annoy the crap out of me lol. But honestly what is the point in not doing it because after High School the chance of meeting them is very small and rare, and even then they are not going to care that you used to have a small little crush on them and if they do, their the odd ball not you.

8. Remember that you will never  see anyone ever again

This is all the reason to do stuff this year that you have never tried before. Everyone will go their separate ways and even if you guys do go to the same college there is a one in a million chance you will see them ever again. And don’t let your peers block you from ever doing something you believe in or dress the way you want to because who are they to you?

9. Buy a yearbook and save game tickets

Nothing has to be cuter than this because imagine years from now looking into your yearbook and finding all the pictures and games you used to go to. Even though this is cute af it will be really hard for me to do because my school doesn’t give out tickets but I think I have an idea for it. So basically not only is the most important year to buy a yearbook senior year but if you get any important tickets from games or anything defiantly stick them in your yearbook to save some memories or anything. But defiantly buy a yearbook.

10. Go to a game you have never been to before or school event

This is really big for me because I have never been to one of the lacrosse or baseball games so I feel like I have to support my fellow classmates but also have the experience of just going to one because why not

11. Participate in a senior prank

Just the rush of pulling the senior prank has been a dream of mine so plllleeeeaaasssee participate in it because you will regret it if you don’t, trust me.

12. Write a letter to your future self

Explain everything from how you felt senior year, your goals and ambitions and just life in general. I personally recommend to just keep a journal or something for this year and also put that into your ” time capsule”

13. Go to a movie premiere

Going to a movie premiere is something I can really not care for but apparently it is a really good experience to have and I feel like it will be really fun to stay out and watch a really good movie with my friends or something.

14. Go on a road trip

A road trip I kind of have planned with my friends but now that more people in my group have more cars a little bit of arranging will have to go down before the finally day, I feel like a good day to do this will defiantly be during spring break if you’re not busy parting.

15. Get license before graduating

Okay, I already know most of you will already have your license so I don’t and please comment download if you also are license less. But hopefully I will complete this and I have a lot of hope in myself.

16. Go to a graduation party

I don’t care whose I will go to but I know I am going to one or I will through it myself because between prom and the typical high school parties this one is the major party to not miss.

17. Get a job

because you cannot be a child forever and even though you technically won’t start college for a couple of months, it’s never to late to start saving.

I hope you guys liked this post!













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