Hello Everyone! The one thing that I seriously love during the summer is not only how lazy I can be, the time I can invest and spend with you guys but also the dresses, and finding one that I can comfortably spend my time in, the majority of the summer. Last year it was my Calvin Klein dress that you can see here, and honestly I am still obsessed with that dress. But thankfully the level of obsession I have with it is at a lovely and healthy way and I don’t breathe and sleep that dress. But anyway recently I digged up this really cute dress that was actually a gift to me from one of my Aunts!


This dress I have had for a while but I wasn’t able to fit it nicely and after I put it on I feel like it fits me perfectly and seriously compliments my skin tone. This dress gives me a very cute 60’s vibe because of the way it fans out and at the bottom it is actually pretty thick and full of such beautiful patterns and texture. Honestly I just love it so much! The back is out but not enough to show my rolls so it’s not a negative thing, and because its thicker at the bottom it’s no where near constrictive and annoying



Honestly for the rest of my summer I’m going to try to see the different ways I can style it with rather that be with makeup, hairstyles and whether I can incorrupt this into my winter/fall wardrobe, but that is something that I feel would be really tricky. I seriously love how the orange looks with this matte lipstick that I have on from Anastasia though and definitely think it adds to the dress and compliments it, what do you guys think?


But overall this is the perfect summer dress because it is light and bright and brings something new to the table instead of the typical summer dress and is defiantly an extend from last years that you can check out here. I seriously hope you guys liked this blog post and please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog via email because I am self hosted and I would love for you guys to not miss an update, see you tomorrow!

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