IMG_2653Hey Guys! I have the craziest obsession with false lashes recently and its so funny because I used to be completely horrified of them! I used to think they would tear off my lashes or I would get glue in my eye, just everything horrible could go wrong if I wore them. But not too surprising if you wear them you know that, those horrible things that can possibly happen will only happen rarely or if you do something wrong. But if I am honest this only happen to me once ( glue in the eye) and ripping off my eye lashes, never. But I would love to know if this actually happens to people so please drop a comment!


All of the lashes I buy are from morphie because I buy so much stuff from this store its crazy! Also most of the time they have really good sales for lashes, once I even caught them for 99 cents when usually they can be five dollar a piece. In all honesty I don’t think I would ever pay more than two dollars for lashes not only because I am the cheapest person ever but literally because it’s not seriously worth it. Even though they can seriously make a break an eye look I just don’t think someone should be spending that much you know?

But weirdly enough even though all the lashes I buy are from morphine they are not always the morphine brand. I absolutely adore the ardelle brand of lashes so much! I don’t find anything wrong with them. Some people had to cut their lashes to fit their eyes but that was the thing I was not worried about. I seems really silly but I was more worried about them being too small because my eyes are huge and pop out ( that sounds so weird writing out). But hey, Im bring truthful so don’t judge me, and I dont have that problem lol. But I would just like to say even though I think falsies are the best thing ever since freaking Nutella I still don’t recommend wearing them everyday if I am honest, I just feel like that would be too much weight on your lashes.


But anyone, with each set of lashes they come in all different sizes and you don’t have to wear them specifically for eye looks. For the first lashes that are my ultimate favourite are the “beauties” lashes. I find it really cute that ardelle named the lashes something to describe them because they are truly beauties! These are defiantly ones to wear for everyday but I will say that they are really long but defiantly VERY natural. I personally love putting them on instead of mascara sometimes, or simply if I want to do makeup but not go all out ( maybe a little bit of contour, a bold lip color, and highlight). I would defiantly recommend some and semi thick lashes if you want an eye look. Then for natural lashes defiantly pick up some light weight ones.




And I find that I don’t really have to wear mascara with these lashes if I’m honest. As we are going, I don’t even wear mascara when I wear false, I know people say that they help your lashes and false ones fit better together to look more natural but I honestly don’t see a difference. But feel free to wear mascara with these lashes but be careful to not full on layer so many. With false lashes it is fairly easy to make them look clumpy because they are typically really long. These feature individual lashes that are all the same length which I personally have no problem with but if you don’t like that, then I of course wouldn’t recommend these


Then another pair of lashes that I absolutely adore are “ 110”. I like to wear these lashes with makeup looks because it doesn’t over crowed them, even though these seem way thicker and darker from beauties I still find them really nice. I actually don’t recommend putting on mascara with these lashes but then again this is my opinion. Honestly I would have never thought lashes with the different lengths would interest me but it does come off natural. The lashes with the different lengths aren’t noticeable either! And as you can see it is made so that the lashes near the corner of your eyes, closest to your nose is actually smaller, then they get longer in the middle and a tiny bit shorter at the end of your eye, closest to your ear.   I am just seriously obsessed with these lashes


331 is actually really similar to beauties and honestly if I can’t find them I just pop on these. These lashes seem way more spaced out and over lapped, so in the middle it will seem completely more thicker/ darker than the actual tip and where the band is ( of course). But honestly they are lowkey the same so if your story doesn’t have beauties just pick up these and it will be kind of the same. Other than the space and overlay they have shorter lashes I there and instead of the lashes being shorter on both ends its only short on the end that would be closer to your nose. And the difference size lashes are not that far apart!



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