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A summer dress is clearly an esstensial for the summer, and honestly other than the one I shared in this post I am in love with the dress Iam going to show you guys right now! It is very trendy because anything that exposes your shoulder are totally in right now, but that defiantly sucks for people who love this dress enough to wear it at school. Honestly the thing that I love the most about this dress is not only the shoulders but the fringe! For some reason I am completely obsessed with it and I cannot wait to pick out some more dresses like this. Honestly the only thing I dont like about it is how its kind of see through but its okay because its always a good idea to wear shorts under your dress anyway.



But anyways, having a summer dress regardless of the color is a wonderful idea. unlike the other dress I will defiantly through this one on just to lounge around in. I feel like their should actually be three different types of summer dresses, I know its a lot but trust me it will make so much sense in two seconds. The first dress would be something to wear to family outfits or to small little carnivals that always happen during the summer. Then a dress like this will definitely be something to put on when it feels like your living on the summer. And the last dress can be something to wear to parties and everything, and thats something I have yet to find sadly.


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