The only thing that makes me look forward to going back to school is school supply shopping. And I am pretty sure most people feel this way too. Just the joy in getting all of the cute materials that match and are so bright, seriously makes me want to crack open the books and get to studying. Am I the only one? But honestly getting all of these supplies I kind of take this so serious because it will keep me motivated for the semester, and that means reaching heights that can only up from their.

Even though I am not going to show you guys all of the school supplies that I bought, because that will be too much, but if you want to see it here Is the video


Don’t forget these four items

• Post it notes
• Flash Cards
• Colored pens
• Dividers

But the first thing that one should absolutely need for the school year minus the whole pencil paper, is honestly post it notes. Okay stop looking at me like I am crazy for a second. Post it notes can add a special flare to your notes, keep reminders for homework or test, and can be a replacement for notes you have to write instead of ripping it out of your notebook/ binder. They are bright and colorful so they will always fit you back to school color scheme and will definitely be hard to miss!

Then we have flashcards. These are the best way for me to learn, for even the smallest thing. If you have a hard time studying you must pick these up. They also come in ridiculously cheap prices like 25 – 50 cent for 100 cards! But if you don’t want to spend that much money or any at all on cut up pieces of paper, defiantly check out quizzlet.
Sometimes I do not want to be bothered with highlighters because they can seep through and become a little bit too bright for my notes. So when all fails I like to have a set of colored pens by my side to right in important names/ dates. But more info will be in an incoming post so stay tuned.

I have no idea why some people don’t count dividers in their back to school hauls, its crazy. Keeping organized is the ultimate study tip because you can’t start if you have no idea where anything is. And once you have all of your materials in place one can easily set up a schedule to study. This means, more studying BUT in shorter time periods which equal acing every test/ quiz and at the end of the semester, finale.

On a Budget

I didn’t forget to include this section in the post because school supplies can be very expensive. I know unwillingly I can spend a little over 100 on supplies, and I will still have to go back the following semester and for projects. Annoying right?

As I was shopping yesterday, I came across a package that came with pencils, high lighters, pens, erasers and almost everything you need for the school year, and only for about 8 dollars! defiantly look out for these on your back to school trip because they will save a life, after that you will need only about 7 more items and you are out of their.

Next there is something that makes my heart beat a little bit faster which is. Sales. defiantly keep an eye out for the many sales that go on this season because there are always so many! And if you can’t find any good sales don’t be afraid to had over to your local dollar store to get the simple stuff like pencils, binders and folders!

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