Hey guys! So this might be a really weird post but, I went on a walk yesterday because as I am getting ready for the school year and to not miss a workout I have been going on walks at night and honestly it was the best decision I have ever made. Now if I am honest I dont seriously recommend it because people are creeps now a days but its good to get a flip side. At night, like most of the people in the world I am either stuffing my face, or on my computer/ phone only for a  couple of minutes only to get a hand cramp or something.

But I took some really cool pictures, but if I am honest some of them are low-key creepy but hey thats what makes it unique right? But I collected about 7 thatI think are cool but I defiantly need to capture some more moments to keep my photography skills up. Other than that i think their amazing and remind me that even though so much is going on in the world, I should still enjoy it and find thing beautiful.



This picture is just so beautiful to me because this is the thing I miss on the way home from practice or something because I’m either sleeping or on my phone. The clouds ( or smog) lay perfectly in the sky and add so much definition to the clouds. And the thing that I love so much about LA I can possibly see from my backyard, or a couple blocks away, the city. And I just love it so much it literally looks like something straight from a magazine or tv show or something.

Then as soon as we walked a coulpe of minutes from this area I found another beautiful view near the trees and its crazy for multiple reasons. One of them being the power of angles and exploring the depth in your pictures and taking advantage of it.

And okay guys I promise this is the last sky picture. But just a few minutes down I found this other view and I feel like this would be so beautiful if it was painted or something with water colors.

Then this is the picture that I said was creepy but still “unique”. I was walking with my grandparents so no I didn’t just randomly capture people. It was so cold so we all had our hoods up and sweat pants on. And no that I think about it, thats kind of weird we did that, but too late now.

And honestly I have no reason for why I captured these I just felt like it fit the whole mode of the post, and if you guys understand we are one in the same.

And for the second to last picture, my neighborhood has the little lamps on the front lawns and honestly I did not come even close to capturing the beauty of how they looked, especially with the sun set in the background, it was astounding. the way they look in this picture remind me of fire flies or something though and is so beautiful.

And lastly on the way home I looked up and i saw the most beautiful view from the way the lamp was over shadowing the tree. The way the light hit it was even more beautiful than usually when the sun is out because it doesn’t hit the tree in the right way you know?

I was just crazy inspired and in just shock with nature after this on walk it was crazy. And I seriously hope you guys liked this post because you guys just saw something that I am really passionate about, photography. I seriously want to continue doing the whole weekly captures thin on my blog again so if you guys would be interested let me know!

What was your favorite picture in this set?






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