The long-awaited clothing haul is so many people favorite thing about going back to school. Between going to the right schools and making sure your shoes are on point is so important to people. But in between getting all these cool shoes and clothes people seem to forget the basics of what to get like socks, jewelry and all of that stuff to be the base of your outfits and make them reusable. So for that I have the right tips for you guys!

Making Them Year Round

The first thing one should never forget when school shopping is tank tops and basic tees. There is so much one can do with these two articles of clothing, its kind of crazy. I personally stock up on tanks to layer them through out the season or where them as is because for the first month it is crazy hot. Then during the fall/winter I layer them with bombers and other cute jackets. Personally, tank tops in all different colors is something to defiantly stock up on in my opinion. Where can you go wrong?



Then to go along with all the trendy shirts one get don’t forget accessories like, necklaces, rings, scarves, and of course jackets, This can be worn through the school year because if you think about it the cold months over rule the hot ones during the school year. Remember to get most of your jackets in basic colors though. The colors I am planning on getting mine is of course; black, brown and army green. But this is of course my go to colors for my style, so if you are into that certain thing , you can get the bright and ” wild” colors/patterns.

Filler Iteams


These filled items are basic things one can through on when they seriously are stuck in the morning and don’t know what to where. This happened to me so many times and made me so happy I bought these things. I believe everyone should have a basic v neck, white sweater, blue jeans and white or black shoes. With this combination because of the basic colors you can mix and match, then add an accessory to spice up the outfit. Many times throughout the school year it makes it look like you spent so much time, but only me and you know you didn’t lol. I would also invest in a couple of rompers or dresses to just throw on when you pull an all nighter or something.


Lastly I wouldn’t forget to get some basic shoes in a color like black, white, or grey to throw on to match every outfit. Their is nothing more annoying than not having the right shoes to go with your outfit. I dont know about you guys but that bugs the life out of me.


Nothing You Would Have Thought Of

Lastly defiantly stock up on cute lip colors and nail polish to add a little something to your look. A simple lip color that you always stick to can be your “look” and same with the nail polish. Whether you have your nails painted or not defiantly make sure they look decent and put together before you leave the house because that is actually the first thing people notice!

I hope you guys liked this blog post! Which tip are you going to apply this school year?

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