The perfect summer outfit is either a dress like I had in this post and this one, or just something that is very comfortable but still airy for these stuffy summer nights. And for people who don’t always want to wear shorts like myself I just settle for a nice pair of jeans with holes in them. Actually, the best thing for that is in trend! It’s crazy how extreme people are ripping their jeans and wearing them lol. Light deniem and white is another thing that is perfect for the summer because they are soft colors. The method about dark colors making one feel hotter is true so i defiantly try to stay away form these colors! Regardless keep in mind these tips for the perfect summer outfit!


Honestly my favorite thing about this outfit is the halter top because its plain, meaning I can style it how ever I want to for every season, and halter tops are in my current obsessions. It is a crop top meaning it is not all the way school appropriate unless paired with a jacket and high wait jeans or something. And its perfect because with crop tops one is already showing so much skin and to not  have that area fully exposed gives this top a little but more class and the feeling of being covered up in a way.


Then on to the ripped jeans, another one that is my favorite. I am usually not a fan but as soon as I saw these jeans that were both light and high waist I fell in love! The are supper comfortable, meaning I won’t want to rip my pants off when I get home. And they are high waist which I love because it compliments my body shape so well! For me high waist jeans really in elongates my legs and shoes of my waist that is smaller than my bottom half. And for my tall readers out their, these jeans actually reach down to your ankles! It is so hard for me to find pants that are not mediocre high water jeans on me and I literally jumped when these actually fit me the way that I wanted them too lol.



The best part of all of this is that they are found in my store that I have officially launched! The shirt is only 9.50 and the jeans are 16.00! This is a pretty good deal because this whole outfit is only 25 dollars!

I hope you guys liked this post and I really want to know. Whats your idea of the perfect summer outfit?

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