Senior Pictures are the most imporatant time in your enior year in my opinion. This is the same picture that will be in the last year book anyone will see of you, and the picture that will be all over your house with the cap and gown on your shoulders. So not only do I belive one has to feel their best during this time but look the best to leave a mark on your last year of highschool! This makeup tutorial will only take you fifteen to thirty minutes to do, so its great fi your short for time. But I will say if you don’t usually do your makeup defiantly look into getting your makeup done, so that way you wont mess up what so ever!



Before I start with anything I always do my eyebrows. I used my LA girl eye brow kit to do them and soon after carved them out with my frappe conceal from morphe. The next thing I did was apply my believed bb cream all over my face soon following conceal, I did this to insure I had an even face while also brightening up my under eyes. Even though it may seem I am putting on a lot of conceal, this is cruital for me because I wanted to cover any spots. And of course never forget to damp your beauty blender if you’re using it before starting on your face. Always use blotting motions instead of wiping for a photo finished look.



Now were going straight to the eye with our flame eyeshadow. As long as you ave an orange eye shadow and a fluffy brush to blend you will be okay. Apply this color in the outver v of your eye for this will be a base to go under the brown. Apply heavily in the outer v then apply in wind shield wipping motion throughout the eye. Then with a brown matter color dap that on with a stiff brush to ensure all of the products is apply beautifully on top of the orange. It does not have to look perfect now because we will blend later. Finally add the shimmering copper color on top, then blend gradually with the same fluffy brush you used to apply flame. Don’t be afraid to go back in with any color, soft at first because you can always put on but not take away.




Finally its time for the big show whitch is a pretty gold color your going to appl on the lid, but don’t over due so it wont appear heavy on camera. Lastly bend out until everything goes perfectly together and doesn’t look blotchy. This is a step that you can skip but because this is my signature look we all know I cannot lol. I used the LA girl matte eye marker to apply a small wing to my lids careful to not over do it. If you make your lid to long it will curl up when you smile in your picutes and that’s not a cute look.



Oka guys that is the finished product! I hope you guys liked this and if you did dont forget to check out my youtube video that goes along with it and check out yesterdays blog post!

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