Embracing ones culture is very important to me. Between that and your education that is one thing that someone can not take away from you. Me myself am in love with my Nigerian culture and strive to know more and more everyday. The second step, I have many more to go is this dashiki! I love it because of all the way to style it, the colors and of course the beautiful design.

A dashiki is the newest trend but does anyone actually know the history behind it? They are very cute and apart of the African culture and that’s why I love them so much! My father is Nigerian and as soon as he saw me in this shirt the biggest grin came across his face it was kind of hilarious. And because I can style them in so many ways makes me love it even more. If I don’t scrunch it up its long enough to wear as a dress ( of course I’ll wear shorts) and as is with some shorts in some Nike free runs. Either way it’s out of this world cute and I am so happy to incorporate my culture into my outfits!

This is something that I think is so important because sometimes people are ashamed in wearing something that is part of their background. What ever it is one should not hide it because its how they were brought into the world today. And it would be so cool for the new “trend” would be for people to embrace their different backgrounds. And honestly it all breaks down for what fashion is about.

Not only is is crazy easy to style but it’s also really comfortable. If I am honest I thought it was going to be really uncomfortable but it’s not. Am I the only who thinks it looks crazy uncomfortable though? But in a world where new trends are constantly popping up one should not be afraid to embrace their background! Please never forget that!


But in the end I decided to pair it with really comfortable jeans and white converse. I know, really basic. But because of this it is crazy school friendly and cute to wear in the first week. One should defiantly complete the outfit with the sneakers or some really cute strapped heels and even some nike free runs, forever cute tbh

if you have a dashiki in your closet I would love to know how you styled it and if you have one!

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