Instagram is in the top three most used social media sites. Sharing pictures in an instant has become more than that in such a small amount of time. It became a place where people can share their lives with others and even make a living, by just sharing  a couple of pictures. But building your following has quickly become harder than expected seeing that there are so many users, and not that many ways one can reach them. But after using it for a while I realized that it is not as hard as expected to build your following. With these tips you will defiantly see a boost in a week or two!

  1. Consistency
  2. Hashtags
  3. Pay Attention To Captions
  4. Be Active

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If I had a dollar for every time someone said consistency is the way to go I would be a millionaire. This tip is true because if you like someones post enough to follow them, why would someone only want to see that person once a week if that. Just like twitter everything in this application is faced paced and could very well easily get pushed down. So posting at least once a day would be ideal and if you can two to three times a day would be better. Whatever you just make sure you are not spamming people. Just in case you don’t know, spamming would be posting more that one post within the hour. Not only is it crazy annoying but you will defiantly lose your Instagram followers


The more you grow on social media, and almost every platform the more you know that tags are the way to go each and every time. Hashtags not only broaden you chances of getting seen. But it also will grow your followers tremendously. One should use about 25 hashtags on their pot but not more than 30 or your post, won’t do what its supposed to do, post. Then to make matters even better you are guar rented to get more followers because you post is exactly what the user is searching for! So make sure you are tagging you post with the right words!


Pay Attention to the Captions

Captions are actually really important. So don’t be afraid to explain what happen in the picture and tell you story. But don’t make it too long though. When I am posting a picture from my blog post, I try to summarize it and sometimes even put the first paragraph in the caption just to give you guys, and other people who don’t read my blog but love my content what they are missing. This not only helped my instagram but also my traffic!

Be Active

Now this one is apparently really over used but it is crazy true. Instagram is a community not just a platform for content. People seriously love to get to know others and how it is like in their state or country. So constantly leave comments on other people’s pictures, follow people who sincerely interest you, and go on a liking spree of your followers, and the people in the tags you use.

This one is by far the best tip because people will become active followers, look forward to your post, and follow you because they see you’re an active person. And every time you comment on someones post, and another person likes it they will defiantly click on your profile to see what you post. Then once they see that not only are you genuine and active but you have the same interest as them, they will defiantly follow you!

I seriously hope you enjoyed this post! Who’s your favourite instagram user and how did you find them?

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