Hello Everyone! Once again I cannot believe that a new month is now upon us. And to me this is absolutely crazy because the year is passing by so fast. If you are new here to my blog, almost every month I write a blog post saying all the things that I plan to accomplish this month but today I wanted to include some for not only me but you. I dont know about you but every time I write something down and tell people about it I am more likely to get it done. Just like last month I accomplished one thing that I am really proud of which is posting more than I did the other month.

Blogging Goals

  • Double stats
  • Read More Blogs
  • Consistency on Social Media
  • Consistency With Blog Post

I honestly feel like these are the three goals all bloggers should have because one should constantly try to improve not only themselves but all of their platforms on a daily basis. As a blogger these are so important to us because it builds our brand and help you guys, the viewers get to know us more on a personal level. And even though I know I should be doing this every day and constantly build my presence, I haven’t really been practicing what I preach.

Blog Post 1-2


  • Use My Planner More
  • Finish At Least One Book This Month
  • Take More Pictures
  • Say Yes

I know half of these are really bland but honestly these are my goals. I bought a planner to not only write down all of my homework and reminders but to write down all my blog post ideas and such. This is a habit so many should get into because it really clears your mind and gives you a checklist in a way of stuff to get done. So with having to balance school, planning my future, and my blog and youtube channel all in one day, hopefully this will clear my mind a bit and make me feel like I have some type of control.


Then with the reading thing, I used to read so much and now the only thing I seriously read is a few blog post and stuff for school and that is really bad. And plus I think it would be really cool to give you guys a book review every month and possibly give it away too!

And the second to last one might be a little bit weird because as a blogger I am technically taking pictures everyday, but like I said before, I feel no shame lol

I as always hope you guys liked my post and dont forget to check out my instagram Facebook and subscribe to my newsletter!


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