dsc_0147Everyone seems to have all the rave about Puma. And I’m going to keep it real with you guys, I don’t like change. I have been a Nike fan since I was a toddler, seriously I’m pretty sure my mom has a picture of my shoe game being on point the moment I was able to walk. So when I first saw these shoes on my friends feet I was so happy we were in photography so I can capture them without being weird. They are an immediate eye catcher and seem like the ultimate statement. Between all of the projects Kylie and Rihanna have other then it seems like I meet be switching over soon.


Just look at these beauties! They seem like they won’t get dirty too easily, and the red just amazes me. I just cannot get over it. I defiantly want to buy these shoes and that’s why their the shoes of the week! They are just that, fierce and if you don’t like the red they come in three other colors ( black and white, grey, and black). Even though Kylie Jenner is basically copying Rihanna because her shoes came out first. I feel like the shoes are chosen over Rihannas because they are literally 90 dollars cheaper. Rihanna’s shoes are exactly 80-90 dollars cheaper, so I completely understand almost everyones choice of choosing Kylie over Rihanna. So basically Rihannas shoes are 180 while Kylies are 90- 100 depending on where you buy them ( online vs in store).

Who’s shoes would you buy?
The day that I can buy both would be the day that I am alive honestly. I just cannot get over how fuego these shoes look which is why they are the shoes of the week! I’ll see you guys tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed this post!
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