Of course fall is here but of course because California does not know the difference it is always humid and hot just like the summer. Minus the fact that instead of the sun being out constantly it decides to play peek-a-boo or Marco polo as soon as you say “thank god the sun isn’t out”. But of course that does not stop me from actually getting into the fall mood/ cute fall outfit mood, that just means I have to adjust. So of course I pulled out the ultimate fall outfit which involved the color burgundy and that’s when I had a crazy realization.

Almost every perfect fall outfit has the color burgundy in it! I am a genius. This is helpful because sometimes it can be hard transitioning between summer and fall but that can seriously be really easy with mixing brown tones and this color, burgandy! I cannot believe I figured out the ultimate recipe for the perfect fall outfit. Of course you are welcome, that is what I am here for! This works because the burgundy literally goes perfect with the brown tone boots and I cannot wait until I can figure out different ways to dress up and down this dress.


I also love how the dress goes perfectly with the stone necklace that I have on! It has another earth tone in it which is the actual string part of the necklace along with the gold on the tip of the necklace. I am seriously going hard with my earth tones if I do say so myself. And even though it is small, I seriously think it pieces the outfit together. The stone is defiantly something I will wear this whole season because it is supposed to be a health healing stone and I am prone to getting sick, especially in the fall or winter time periods.


But of course I am not just going to put all my hope into one necklace an expect to have flawless health for the rest of the year. ( WHICH IS ONLY 3 MONTHS AWAY FROM BEING OVER!!). The dress of course is from the one and only Forever 21, honestly where else would it come from, I don’t know any other store, I am blind to them. Also the lipstick I have been wearing so much in all my post is Vamp by Anastasia Beverly Hills and I am crazy obsessed so don’t forget to check out my post about that!

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