Hey guys! I say this all the time but I cannot believe this year is passing by so fast! It is officially fall in my eyes because the Halloween costumes are coming up, orange leaves are here, and of course the pumpkin spice latte are now at Starbucks. This month I will try to live fall to the fullest honestly with all the sweaters and of course showing you guys my fall Esstensials to make sure you are stylish to the max this season without being basic. And of course I need to share with you guys my goals for this month and I hope you guys share yours below!

Blog Goals
• double blog stats
• upload 25 blog post
• produce better content
• completely fall o rize my blog
• vlog more


I know these can be seen as kind of basic but of course I always want to get these goals done every month! For once I finally actually focused on these goals and surprisingly met them which is crazy! Then for the blog post not only do I want to post more but also more consistently so if any of you guys have a schedule you would like me to be on please list it down below because I am of course want to know your opinion! But until then I am going to stick with the Monday – Friday schedule and occasional post on the weekends. Then for the better content I feel like I need to expand more and take pictures in more unique places other than my back yard and in front of my garage lol. And finally I don’t know how but I feel like it would be really cute to make my blog more fall and stick to certain fall colors for this season, don’t ya think?

All Around 

• post every ootd on Instagram

• show more of my favorite eye shadow looks!


These are pretty self-explanatory because even though I am a fashion blogger, my outfits are literally what you guys want to see I usually don’t always post them on Instagram or even on my blog, yup I know…..

And with that being said, I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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