Hello everyone! Theirs something about a white sweater in the fall time that makes me go crazy, but this time in a good way. I honestly feel like the color white in his season should be as popular as burgundy or brow because it’s such a neautral color that has the same effect if styles correctly. To do this I feel like a white sweater should be added to the mix. It gives off the comfy feel why being just that which is a double knockout. Who doesn’t like double knock outs!! And of course it sways means easy styling.

Take this outfit for example. It simply wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the sweater but also the accessories and correct styling. Because the weather suddenly changed I was able to quickly replace the jeans I was originally wearing into shorts and because of that the sweater hopefully doesn’t look to crazy. And if you live in Cali being able to make this quick changes is a major key. Either way if you live in a place like mine where one minute the weather can be 100 then the next 50 I would advice a sweater that is thick but not too much that you wouldn’t be able to make adjust ments.

The accesorising! I will get into this in a later post but I think my favorite part of this oufit is the mix blend of the burgundy socks and the tan shoes! To me it ultimate screams fall and admittedly catches my eye if I am honest. It’s something that so simple that takes this ootd to a whole nother level. Then I live for my necklace that I bought in a store that sold all the healing stones and other energy stones like wise. This one around my neck is actually a health stone and I love it! And of course I had to wrap my rings that I got from this post around my fingers!
See you guys tomorrow!


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